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Namecheap web hosting is a tool I use so I can say that it’s one of the best. Namecheap was founded in the year 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. Over the last twenty years they can boast of over three million active customers with them. Namecheap controls and host over 10 million active domains. Their website hosting plans covers most hosting types which include:

  • Managed wordpress
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Private Email Hosting
  • WordPress hosting

Namecheap is an all in one solution which simplifies everything from the management side to the support and billing side and many more. I can tell you Namecheap has all the best features you’ll need to start as a blogger. I use namecheap and I highly recommend it for you because its

  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Good for beginners, intermediate and experts

Namecheap simplifies everything you need from the management part to the support part to the billing part.

Mission of Namecheap

Their mission is to provide all their users and potential users (like you) with:

  • First class support
  • Unbeatable service levels
  • Very secured data protection

Their key values are to be:

  • Honest
  • Straight forward
  • Helpful at all times
  • Friendly


How I started using Namecheap

When I started my journey of blogging, I first of all purchased an hosting plan on bluehost which I really loved bluehost. But what I hated was wordpress. Bluehost seems cool and easy to use but at that time I do not like using wordpress for any reason at all. Then I found a good guy who will buy the bluehost plan from me, then I sold it. But I really love blogging like crazy. Then, I was looking on the net for other platforms I can host my blog on, then I started using website builder called which I also really loved because it has all the features which will make your website look really cool but I backed off from it because:

  • My plan didn’t have an SSL certificate which I was afraid of my blog to be hacked
  • And I was unable to upgrade because the upgrade at that time was very expensive for my net worth

Then I moved to But I also backed out from it because blogs hosted on even if it has a custom domain will have some problems in the future like

  • Not being able to sign up for google adsense and other ad networks
  • And lots more

Then I had a friend who introduced me to dreamhost but I said I don’t like wordpress. He showed me all his achievements on his site and how the dreamhost server and hosting plan looks like. I loved it but I hated wordpress and I was unable to continue with it. So, then I later spoke to myself and changed my mentality of hating wordpress. I learnt wordpress online and I loved it. I also learnt blogging from online courses and I tell you, I am an expert in the side of “blogging” today. So, here am I now with namecheap hosting this my wonderful blog today.

Pricing of Namecheap

Plan name Server type/ Plan Disk space Bandwidth Monthly price
Stellar Shared 20GB SSD Unmetered $1.44
Stellar Plus Shared Unmetered SSD Unmetered $2.44
Stellar business Shared 50GB SSD Unmetered $4.44
Pulsar VPS 40GB SSD Raid 10 1000GB per month $11.88
Quasar VPS 120GB SSD Raid 10 3000GB per month $19.88
Xeon E3-1230 v5 Dedicated 480GB SSD 100TB per month $48.88
Xeon E-2136 Dedicated 960 SSD 100 TB per month $87.88
Dual Xeon E5-2620 Dedicated 2TB SSD 100 TB per month $116.88
Nebula Reseller 30GB Unmetered $18.88
Galaxy Expert Reseller 90GB Unmetered $32.88
Universe Pro Reseller 150GB SSD Unmetered $48.89
Easy WP Starter WordPress 10GB SSD Unmetered $3.88
Easy WP Turbo WordPress 50GB SSD Unmetered $7.88
Easy WP Supersonic WordPress 100GB SSD Unmetered $11.8


Features of Namecheap

It’s no doubt that Namecheap has the highest features of all the other hosting plans. The features of Namecheap are:

  • 99.9% uptime service legal agreement (SLA): If this doesn’t happen, then Namecheap will commission you and give you your service
  • Pages load extremely fast: This is a very good feature because it helps your website really. This will be very good for your eCommerce business and blog.
  • You have access to migrate to any other hosting plan of your choice
  • Free email accounts: Namecheap is very good because they offer free email accounts ( to you. For the Stellar plan, they give you 30 email accounts.  For the stellar plus plan and stellar business, they offer you unlimited email accounts. That is, you can open as much email account as you want for your blog/ business or website.
  • They use the latest server technology from very good brands like Supermicro, HP and Dell.
  • cPanel: I can tell you that namecheap cPanel access is lovely and it’s very easy access for you as a beginner
  • Softaculous app installer: Their softaculous app installer enables you to use WordPress (which I proudly use) and all other apps with just a very few clicks. It also allows you to update and maintain your applications with ease.
  • It also allows you to upgrade your hosting plan to another in Namecheap if your business/ blog or website grows too big for your plan.
  • All their shared hosting plans all have Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • It automatically backup your site twice a week (that’s for the Stellar Plan). But for other plans, it backs it up automatically.


Security of Namecheap

Everyone wants or need to consider security in whatever they are doing. Security is paramount. Namecheap security:

  1. They use Virus Scanner
  2. They use Hotlink protection
  3. They use Leach Protect: Leach protect allows you to set the maximum number of logins which can occur. It also protects your blog from brute force attacks.
  4. They use very good softwares like Firewalls which is a very good security service.
  5. SSL certificates: SSL helps to ensure the security of your blog or website. It also helps you protect sensitive data like informations on credit card, email address and so on from being stolen.
  6. WhoisGuard: This hides your name, address, email and  other contact number. It is necessary to hide them to stop attacjers, spammers and even marketing companies from contacting you and accessing your data.  One good thing is Namecheap provides this WhoisGuard Privacy protection for free to all their customers for life.
    Note: Not all domain extensions are covered by the WhoisGuard protection, so make sure you check before moving forward.

Hosting types and plans of Namecheap

Namechap offers different type of hosting plans which starts from:

NOTE: I’ll start from their Shared Hosting plan and it’s the features of the least plan I’ll mention, so know that the higher the plan you choose depends how high your features will be. (For example: On the first plan of the first hosting plan, you can host three websites but on the next plan, you can host unlimited websites)

Shared Hosting Plan

  • You have three plans to choose from
  • Three websites is the least you can host on the least plan (far better than other web hosting services)
  • The least sub domain you can have is 30
  • All their plans have unlimited bandwidth
  • They have autoresponders, databases, email accounts and email forwarding accounts (No hosting plan offers this)
  • High amount of disk space

VPS hosting plan

  • Everything the shared plan of namecheap has
  • You get higher priority support service, receiving answers ahead of people on shared plans
  • All plans are easy  to upgrade when necessary
  • VPS plans hosted on lightning fast networks in Phoenis and Arizona page speeds are very very quick, faster tha dedicated servers provided by other hosting companies.

Dedicated servers

  • This has different plans that suits your need
  • It is setup the same day you purchase and there is free migration
  • It’s pricing suits all your budget
  • You get everything available in the shared and VPS plans where by dedicated server qualities are far better (good for sites with lots of traffic).

Note (the type of hosting plan you can choose):

If you don’t know the types of web hosting services to choose for your business, then click here to see them all.

Reseller plans

  • The disk space depends on which of the three plans you choose
  • Unmetered bandwidth comes with all plans
  • Unlimited domains and sub domains
  • Anonymous name servers: You will be anonymous with their plan, no one will know that you are reselling services.
  • You can earn a lot of money/ income with the reseller plan and selling plans to people you know, people you don’t know and people in your customers base.

Softaculous app installer on Namecheap

One of the good thing of Namecheap shared plan is the Softaculous App Installer. It is good for:

  • A busy small business owner
  • Anyone
  • Someone who wants more features on his website or blog

That’s why I’d advice you to go for Namecheap.

What is Softaculous App Installer?

It simply means a tool that allows you to install some softwares that easily extends the future and functionality of your website. The softaculous app installer has hundred of softwares which can help you make your site

  • Professional
  • Give your site discussion forums
  • Photo gallaries
  • Media players
  • And so many many more

Some of the major apps you can download on the Softaculous App Installer are:

  • Online Calendars: This can be good for bookings and events depending on the niche of your site
  • Blogs and micro blogs
  • Ad management
  • Social networking management
  • Web based games (someone like me will love this)
  • Polls, surveys and analytics
  • Frameworks like Laravel, Bootstrap, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter: This is specially for web developers, so if you aren’t a web developer, please don’t go there.
  • Email services
  • Wikis
  • eCommerce softwares and tools
  • Educative softwares like Moodle
  • Portals and CMS tools like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal

Where can you access the Softaculous App Installer?

This is a question that most new blogger ask. The softaculous App Installer can be seen and accessed in the administrative area of your control panel on Namecheap or other hosting plans that has Namecheap.

Pros and Cons of Namecheap


  • They highly support their customers
  • Their hosting service is reliable
  • Quick registration and also quick setup process
  • Backup on daily basis
  • Cheap domain names
  • They have been in the business for twenty years
  • Your website is user friendly with Namecheap
  • Free and very fast migration from other web hosting services


  • No phone supports (only email supports)
  • Due to the high features, it can be hard to find some features in your dashboard

One of the major advantages of Namecheap


1. High performing servers: Namecheap has a very impressive performance and their features are at a very affordable price below. I can boldly say that with my experience on Namecheap, their features of the least plan is better than that of other hosting plans. Though, namecheap pricing is not as low as some other hosting services but if you want the best option, I had advice you to go for namecheap.

For namecheap shared hosting plan, it serves you very fast as some other competitors bigger than namecheap. Namecheap’s basic plan alone offers unlimited bandwidth and it has the ability to host up to three websites


Namecheap ratings

namecheap rating




FAQ on Namecheap

Do they offer money back guarantee?

Sure, Namecheap offers 30 days money back guarantee

How good is their customer support?

Well, I can tell you that their customer support is one of the best because they offer:

  • 24/7/365 livechats
  • Email chat support