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Blogging can be kind of tricky and you should know that Starting a blog is different from Starting a successful blog. Am very sure you are here because you want to start a blog and also a successful blog but I must tell you that this guide (which I always update) contains all the guide to start a blog, start a successful blog, monetize your blog, promote your blog and lots more. You might want to start a blog because you just want to let people know what comes from your mind or any other reason but the problem might be that you don’t know how to create the blog and lots more. You can check the FAQ’s on starting a blog down below on this guide.

Creating a blog can be very frustrating especially for beginners and some might have even spent their hard earned money and have gotten scammed through the process. So that’s why I have created this guide that contains all the:

  • Steps
  • Requirements
  • Reason

to start a blog.

Let’s get started

How to Start a blog

Now, let’s get into the steps or basics on how to start a blog for beginners

1. Choose a successful blog niche
2. Choose a blogging platform
3. Pick a domain name and powerful hosting for your blog
4. Install wordpress on your blog
5. Give your blog fresh designs
6. Install useful plugins
7. Write your first blog post

1. Choose a successful blog niche:

Why are you really blogging? Why do I want to blog? This are the questions you need to ask your self before thinking of going further in blogging. Your niche determines the way you succeed in blogging.

What is niche? Niche simply means the suitable place you find yourself comfortable in. For e.g: If you love everything about entertainment, then you decide that everything I write on my blog will be based on entertainment and nothing more. Also when you know  your niche, think of these things:

  • What will make my entertainment (niche) blog grow?
  • What articles would I be writing?
  • How would I make money from this blog in the future (the future can be tomorrow, next week or anytime)?
  • What are my area of concentrations on this blog?
  • And many more

All the questions you ask yourself, highlight them by writing them down in a jaughter or book (blog note). Check more about choosing a successful blog niche here.

2. Choose a blogging platform

There are many blogging platforms which you can use but the three main and recommended platforms which is good to use is Blogger, wordpress, segment. Though we have two types of WordPress and they seems very good. We have and is free while is not free.

So many bloggers love to use free blogging platforms like and but it’s very advisable that you shouldn’t use free platforms because they are subject to restrictions and they are not professional to host your site because:

  • Your site won’t be professional
  • You can’t have your own sub-domain in most cases
  • It’s hard to sign up and get accepted for some Ad networks e.g: Google Adsense
  • You can’t install plugins on

Now, if you are very serious with blogging, then you should pay to get the best blogging platform like WordPress (keep reading).


  • It is free
  • It has non professional themes
  • Not SEO fully customized
  • Not customized
  • No plugins


  • It is not free
  • It has high quality themes
  • It is SEO customized
  • It is customized
  • It has a lot of plugins


Segment is like wordpress but not as good as wordpress

  • It is not free
  • It has themes
  • It’s SEO customized but not like wordpress
  • It is customized
  • It has plugins
In the above explaination, you see that wordpress seems the best. According to research, 455,000,000 million websites uses wordpress.

3. Pick a domain name and a powerful hosting for your blog

A domain name means the name of your blog. For example: When picking a domain name, you need to consider this things:

  • Make your domain name easy to remember
  • Make your domain name easy to type
  • Make it easy to recommend
  • Make it 14 characters or less
  • Make it describe your blog niche

Hosting is the place where all your website files and storage are being installed.

Choosing a web hosting company is easy but you need to be wise to choose them. See our recommended web hosting companies.

When choosing a web hosting plan, you need to choose with the following:

  • SSL certificate
  • Bandwidth
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Server uptime
  • Cpanel
  • Softaculous app installer

If you are choosing a hosting plan and you want the best, use bluehost. If you want the cheapest and one of the best, then go for namecheap. You can check how to purchase and start your blog with bluehost here.

See also: Namecheap review

Bluehost review

4. Install wordpress on your blog

WordPress is something very easy to install. All you need to do is, after purchasing your hosting and domain, you just  need to do is to install wordpress from your cPanel access or your softacolous app installer right in your hosting. When installing, don’t forget to choose a username and password for your wordpress login so you won’t have issues when you want to login next time to your wordpress dashboard. After that, here comes your wordpress dashboard. In your dashboard, you’ll have to install some plugins and choose your theme. Also, set up google analytics and google search console.

5. Give your blog fresh designs

When I say fresh designs I mean choosing your themes. Your theme is what how your blog will look like. The design of your blog is very crucial that’s why you need a good theme. Every user visiting your blog first of all views how your blog looks like aand how easy it is to navigate all options and menus.

They are so many free and premium themes but a premium theme seems better.

Some very good themes for you are:

Incase you don’t know how to install themes, just go to your wordpress dashboard> Appearance> Themes> Add new> select your theme in Zip file> Install now> Activate your theme.

You can also install themes right from your dashboard rather than using Zip files but it’s better you download from other source and upload it.

Another thing that makes your site outstanding is the type of plugins you use. Plugins just help you to minimize your coding on your site. You don’t need to code or you just need to code less. Now here are must have plugins for your site

  • Rankmath: This is a plugin which is very good for SEO. It is old blog that uses Yoast SEO plugin but Rank Math is the latest now
  • W3 Total Cache: This plugin is the best plugin in terms of speeding up your blog and clearing cache.
  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer: It is basically an image compression tool which helps to compress large images without reducing the quality. It speeds up your blog.
  • Easy table of contents: This helps to show all the headings in one place. If your contents are long and not easy to read, it’s better you use the Easy table of contents plugin so it will analyse your headings.
  • Social snap: Social snap is a social sharing plugin. It helps you in adding nice sharing buttons to all your pages or post. So, readers who like your content will help you in sharing it and that alone gets you tons of traffic.
  • Wpforms: It is the best contact form builder plugin.
  • Jetpack by wordpress: Jetpack is owned by wordpress and built by them. It is a plugin that helps you show related posts below your blog post and make the post search engine friendly.

6. Install useful plugins

What are plugins? I describe plugins like a software. Plugins helps you to reduce the coding in your site and it also makes your blog look professional and modern in some sense. The best plugins for bloggers at least for a start are listed above.

7. Write your first blog post

Now this is the major part of successfully making your blog. This is where you will start showing your  skills and the things you are good at. In writing your first blog post, you’ll see such in your wordpress dashboard. Now after choosing your niche then you highlight/write down your first blog post. Though it isn’t compulsory to highlight (summarize what your blog post will be all about in your blogging book or where ever) your first blog post or other blog post but it’s adviceable to do that.

Top things you shouldn’t skip when writing any blog post:

  • Write at least 700 words
  • Use the table of contents plugin
  •  Format your content with bold, underline and Italic
  • Use copyright free images
  • Detail your information as much as possible
  • Try embeding videos in your blog post
  • Make your blog post very easy
  • Try to not make any grammatical errors

Now, before writing your blog post:

  • Use keyword research tools for your keyword

After highlighting your keywords then:

  • Navigate to your dashboard of your wordpress blog> Posts> Add new


In your wordpress dashboard, Navigate to the write your first blog post button.

Then start writing on your blog.

Here are top pages which is a must to be on your blog:

  • The about page: This page should contain all the information about your blog and about you
  • The contact page: This page should the contact information of your blog. For example: Your social media handles, your email address and any other contact information you have.

FAQ’s on Blogging

What is a blog?

A blog is simply defined as your own platform of yours where you regularly update based on your niche. It is paramount for you to regularly update your platform which is called your blog or website.

Should you start a blog?

Yes, starting a blog seems hard but it’s kind of easy. If you know the right guide, then blogging can be very easy for you. In blogging, you don’t need a web developer, writer, years of experience and many more. All you need to do is to be focused on it and try to grow and succeed in it. Also, do not blog because you want to make money, rather see blogging as a future investment.

You can even start blogging depending on your age, location, and still build a  profitable online business

How is money being made from blogging?

One thing you need to know about blogging is it is not immediately you start getting earnings and good results. First things you need to just do is to create good contents/articles in your blog. But you should know that the patient dog eats the fattest bone. If you are patient and you write good contents, then you will be making huge sum of money.

Today, a lot of bloggers are making it seriously in blogging. Blogging has changed so many bloggers like both in Nigeria and oversees.

Benefits of starting a blog?

Firstly, let me assure you that if you are willing to start a blog. This my guide will surely help you.

The benefits of starting a blog are:

1. Business growth: If you have a company or a business like a Boutique, Blogging will help you to promote your business to so many people who use search engines daily. It will also help you promote your products so you get more customers.

2. Work from home opportunity: With my experience in blogging, blogging is one of the sweetest job you can do all with your brain. It is not that hard as you think. One good benefit is you won’t be working from morning to evening, rather you work at your convenient time and make money.

3. Opportunity to earn passively: We have a lot of bloggers earn over a million naira in a month which is thousands of dollars. Blogging helps you to earn more than the monthly salary you earn today and you won’t be working from morning to evening anymore.

4. Self branding

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