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One of the hard things you’ll face is choosing a domain name for your blog. Domain names are trickish to use and once you pick a domain name and you start using it, to change it might give you some problems because you are going to loose some traffic. Those that have bookmarked your blog will no longer be able to access it when they click it again. For example: If I choose as my domain name and I later change it to, those who have bookmarked will no longer be able to access it not knowing the name has been changed to

In this guide, I’ll be revealing some things you need to know before choosing a blog name. Because once you make a mistake, that’s all. It becomes hard to change. This article will also help you succeed in your blog so read it till the end.

What is a domain name?

Domain name simply means your address on the internet. It is the URL you as a person types in on search engines to navigate to your blog. Domain name can also mean web address, blog URL, and even address.

This is an example of a domain name in the picture below:

how a domain name looks like

A domain name is made or is of two things which are:

  • Your blog name: The blog name is what you give your blog. E.g: blogtherytway, quora, ryrob, neilpatel, shoutmeloud and lots more.
  • Your blog suffix: The suffix of your domain name appears at the end of your domain name. E.g: .site, .net, .com, .me, .website and lots more.

Choosing a domain name can be frustrating. Domain name alone is what made some people loose their dreams of wanting to start a blog. Your domain name is the brand of your blog and you must choose what people can likely remember. When you are starting a blog, some feels frustrated in choosing a domain name because all the domain names which comes to their mind has been used, not available or taken and this is where the frustration comes from (but keep on trying to get the best).



1. Make sure you have the right niche:

This is the first thing you need to keep in mind when you want to start a blog. Your niche supports you to pick the right domain name. As I explained better the meaning of niche in my other article, Niche means is the subject or topic which your blog will be about. For example: Entertainment, Sports, Politics and lots more. When picking your niche, you need to think well and do not follow what other people or friends niche are because that’s the beginning of failure in blogging. When trying to pick a niche, you make sure you pick a niche you are very familiar with it’s branches or you love talking and writing about. When you do that then that’s the way blogging will become sweet for you.

2. Write down and imagine your blog topics:

For example, if your niche is based on reviewing products now, you need to sketch out and imagine the products you are going to be reviewing, you need to even know the niche of the products for example: promoting and reviewing about schools, reviewing hosting plans and lots more.

3. Write down blog names related to the niche of your blog

This can be done after you have known your niche and you have written down topics that your blog will contain. Now let me give an example: If your blog’s niche is all about Lifestyle and you’ve written down topics like:

  • Three steps to change your lifestyle
  • Top tricks to change your behaviour
  • How to know your self
  • Three major tricks to study someone for the first time
  • And lots more

The next thing is look at all this things you’ve written down and write down many words that comes to your mind about your blog name.

For example:

  • and lots more

4. Now choose your top best 5

This can be done after you’ve written down names related to your blog niche as said in Number 3. Pick your top best five domain names which you love and which you’ll want to keep using in your blog.

5. Consider these when making your domain name

  • Your domain name must not be more than 14 letters: See, all this is just to make your domain name suitable and for your readers all those that see your blog maybe through search engines or anywhere to love it. Make sure your blog name isn’t too long. Imagine if you see a blog name like, can you love that type of your blog? Of course, no.
  • Let your domain name be meaningful: Your domain name should bring meaning and inspiration to your readers. If your domain name is not your name, then make it very meaningful. Make it a name that once anyone visits it, he will think to see that the owner of this blog has something to offer.
  • Let your domain name be very easy to spell: Do not give your domain names like This is absolute nonsense. Make your domain easy to spell
  • Ensure it suits your blog niche and topic: You should understand this by now. You need to make sure your written down topics rhyme with your blog name. For example: I feel this my blog’s name, really rhymes with the topics on my blog. Go through my blog to understand this better.

6. Take this advice:

If you are reading this article now, I want to let you know that you need money to make money. Before I started this blog, I didn’t have money at all to purchase hosting, domains and all that. But I had money to feed because my parents had the money but I didn’t want to disclose to them this lovely project and I also want to be proud of making my blog with my own money and by myself, that’s why I was lucky through OperaNewsHub. With OperaNewsHub, I got the money to support my blog and my online lessons which I do.

What am I saying here? Do not depend on anyone for the success of your blog but try to make your blog look outstanding. Try to make your project suitable for yourself and do what will bring out productivity.

Am sure as you’ve gone through this, you now understand how to pick and choose a domain name for your blog. Please do not forget to support me by sharing this article.