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Bluehost is a very wide web hosting company in which they host over 2 million websites online. Bluehost is part of a massive corporation and Endurance International Group (EIG). Due to bluehost massive growth, they have other web hosting companies which they own like Hostgator and iPage. But the best of them is Bluehost.

Though, they are many other web hosting out there with their pros and cons, but bluehost seems to be outstanding. Bluehost seems to have been in the web hosting business for over 16 years now. They’ve really contributed a lot to the wordpress eco-system. According to wordpress website, they recommend bluehost as one of the best web hosting plan you can ever use to run your blog or website and make money from it.wordpress for bluehost

Bluehost uptime: 99.9%

Response time: 491ms

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Storage: 50GB

Price starts from: $2.95

Bluehost is a very cheap, quick and reliable web hosting plan on the net today. In addition to bluehost, they offer web hosting services and they also add to it by creating marketing trainings, social media services, SEO services, graphic design services, content creation, email, domain names and lots more.

Little Introduction on Bluehost

Bluehost was founded since the year 2003. Within the space of this 18 years, bluehost have grown to become one of the best, fastest, cheapest web hosting services worldwide with them hosting over 2 million blogs and websites. Bluehost offers range of product and services which would help you get started with your website, blog or any online business. Their plans include from Shared hosting to wordpress hosting to even website builders as namecheap do. Bluehost has a special focus on digital marketing and training needs of small businesses. Their hosting plan packages come with:

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free Global CDN
  • Free daily, weekly and monthly backups of your site

Bluehost web hosting products

Bluehost products (web hosting) differ. They offer products like:

  • Shared hosting
  • Domain names
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated servers
  1. Shared hosting: This plan is the nice for those who are just starting a new website with not much traffic. Here on shared hosting, it’s the cheapest plan you can have.
  2. Cloud hosting: This type of hosting makes use of multiple servers. It allows you to switch your website to another server incase a server fails or crashes
  3. WordPress hosting: This plan is simply for those who want to host only wordPress sites and it’s recommended by WordPress developers.
  4. Dedicated server hosting: This is simply for those who are in need of a very large hosting. If you websites is very large with tons and tons of traffic, then this is the best option for you. Dedicated Server is like a personal server you own yourself.
  5. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting: This VPS hosting is far better than a share hosting because you don’t need to share a web server.

You can read more about these hosting plans here

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Bluehost shared hosting

Well, shared hosting plan seems to be one of the best that a blogger can purchase on bluehost

Is Bluehost reliable for WordPress Hosting?

This is a question which so many bloggers (either newbies, intermediate or experts) ask. With my experience on bluehost, I’ll say it’s 100% reliable for customers. Some times, some people do say bluehost sucks when installing wordpress. But I can tell you bluehost it’s the best. If you check out the guide I created on how to start with bluehost, then you don’t have problem with them. Bluehost is very easy to install, it has a simple interface and it’s nice to use. In less than 4 minutes, your wordpress website is fully installed and you can start your successful blog.

Some very good things about bluehost are:

  • Their server is well optimized for a wordpress blog or website: Purchasing an hosting plan from Bluehost is very good because of this reasons. That is why wordpress even recommended bluehost as one of the best web hosting plans you can have.
  • Bluehost offers the latest version of PHP and MYSQL servers: You saw latest version. Yeah, I mean it. Bluehost offers the latest version of PHP and MYSQL server. For a reliable wordpress host, the server should be able to handle extra load which occurs with WordPress. That’s why it’s verified that bluehost  handles extra loading well.

Features of Bluehost

One thing about bluehost is they give you more than what you expect. Bluehost seems to be one of the best like right now. Let’s see some of it’s features:

1. Tons of site tools and addons

2. Free website builders

3. 99.99% uptime (just like namecheap. Check more about namecheap here)

4. Free domain

5. Specific email address

6. Certified security

7. Free SSL certificate

SSL certificate

8. Cloudfare integration

9. Fast load: Bluehost assures you of your website to load fast

Bluehost security

One major thing you need when having a website is good security. Because, you can invest a lot in writing quality contents, spending money and many more, then you get your website hacked.

Bluehost uses Site lock to scan your website or blog daily for any  single virus or malware and also they perform 24 hours network monitoring on their company servers. This alone shows that the security of bluehost is very strong and reliable.

Bluehost backups

Bluehost made a statement on their website on backups, they said “We do not offer complementary backup for our customers. They are created daily, weekly and monthly basis. These backups are not guaranteed in anyway. Bluehost highly recommend all customers to create and manage their own backups”.

What that means is bluehost offers backups but you are not guaranteed of your backups. Anything can happen to your backups at any time.

So what I you do about the backup? This is the question bloggers would want to ask. Now, what you can do is headover to the bluehost cPanel control panel to access their third party tool named Site Backup. But still, bluehost recommends you to have an offline backup for your site.

SSL Certificates

Bluehost packages comes with a free SSL Certificate for your site. But the major thing is some do not know the importance of this SSL certificate. SSL certificate stands for Secure Socket Layer which is an encryption protocol. The use of SSL is just to protect your site from attackers. It is used to secure your website from any attack.

The way it works is SSL certificates are small data files which are installed in your website pages like login page, payment page, online forms and many more pages that require users of your site and even you yourself to submit very important information like Names, Credit Card information, passwords, Email Address and lots more. This certificate can also be installed on web servers which will enable to use of HTTPS protocol and a secure connection.

  • If your site has this SSL certificate, your site domain name wouldn’t be HTTP but it will be HTTPS
  • At the left hand side of your URL, there would be a sign of padlock there.

Then that means your SSL certificate is working perfectly.

Reasons why an SSL certificate is needed

One current best practice done by Google is for every blog or website out there to have an SSL certificate. SSL certificate are very important for your online business because:

  • It helps in keeping your site secured from hacks
  • It increase the rate of your customers trust
  • It improves your site ranking in search engines

Pros and Cons of Bluehost


1. 99% uptime: People (users of bluehost) have known bluehost for their uninterrupted uptime stats.

2. Free anti-spam solution in the cPanel

3.  Free domain: One very good advantage of Bluehost is on every hosting plan you purchase, you have a free domain name for a year.

4. Offers 30 days money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with Bluehost, then you can request your money back and it’s given to you without any problem

5. Has so many security features: Bluehost from the beginning do not joke with your sites security. Bluehost offers so many security features like IPs, SSL certificate and SiteLock protection. With this your site security is sure.

6. Cheap pricing: Bluehost offers one of the cheapest web hosting plan with good service. Namecheap is next after bluehost.

7. Easy upgrading: Unlike other web hosting services, bluehost offers easy upgrading to their other plans like VPS, WordPress hosting, Dedicated and lots more.

8. Host over 2,000,000 websites: Can you imagine this. Bluehost hosts over 2 million websites. This means that they could be the best because they have active customers with them.


1. Costly domain renewal prices: One very bad thing about bluehost is their domain renewal seems very costly.

2. No monthly hosting plan: Unlike other web hosting plans, bluehost do not offer month to month web hosting plan. Some newbies do not have the money to buy a web hosting plan for a year but they can buy some a month or two once they are sure that they will get a way to ugrade at the end of the month. But bluehost do not offer that.

3. Their backup is not guaranteed: So many bloggers can have their site informations cleared off due to one thing or the other. Bluehost backup do not guarantee a full backup that won’t dissapoint you that’s why they made it known and they said you as their upcoming customer should make your own offline backup.

4. Charges fee for migration: If you are a bluehost customer or wanting to be, they charge for migration to another plan under bluehost plans.

Bluehost pricing

Here is a view below for bluehost web hosting pricing

Hosting plan name Diskspace Bandwidth Pricing
Basic Shared 50 GB Unmetered $2.75
Plus Shared Unlimited Unmetered $5.45
Choice plus Unlimited Unmetered $5.45
Choice Pro Shared Unlimited Unmetered $13.95
Standard VPS 30 GB SSD 1 TB $18.99
Enhanced VPS 60 GB SSD 2 TB $29.99
Ultimate VPS 120 GB SSD 3 TB $59.99
Standard Dedicated 500 GB 5 TB $79.99
Enhanced Dedicated 1 TB 10  TB $99.99
Premium Dedicated 1 TB 15  TB $119.99
Basic Shared WP 50 TB Unmetered $2.75
Choice Shared WP Unmetered Unmetered $4.95
Choice Shared WP Plus Unmetered Unmetered $5.45
WP Pro Build Unlimited Unlimited $19.95
WP Pro Grow Unlimited Unlimited $29.95
WP Grow Scale Unlimited Unlimited $49.95

Ratings of Bluehost