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Knowing how to write a blog post is very important because your readers are interested in how  quality your blog post is. In todays guide on how to write a blog post, I’ll be going deep into the process on how to write a successful blog post.

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Writing a blog post can be easy and straight but you shouldn’t just write a blog post but write what your readers what to read. Though, it can be stressful writing but you should know that within a little time, you’ll get used to it and you’ll become an expert in blogging.


According to statistics, we have over 4 million blog posts everyday. Imagining 4 million blog posts everyday, and you’ll be like how can my own content be better than all this other bloggers. But with this guide today, you thinking of how your content can be very good has come to an end. Now, let’s get into it.

1. Make sure you know your audience:

Wait, before you move on with this, make sure you get to know your blog niche and make sure you’ve learnt how to start a blog.

Starting to write your blog post should be like having a conversation with someone. Let’s make for example: If you go for an interview or you meet someone for the first time, you can’t just start telling the person what you need from him, rather you:

  • Introduce yourself
  • And then do other things you met the person for

The same thing goes to writing a blog post. In writing a blog post, you need to write what your audience wants to know about and not what you want to tell them. But the question is how will you know what your readers want to ear? This is the most important stage. Knowing your audience is not doing keyword research or looking for ways to get readers and traffic for your blog. Now, knowing your audience simply will be by knowing your niche and sticking to your niche. You should know that if your niche is about Entertainment (I love entertainment so much), someone who is looking for how to loose weight articles would never visit your blog except if he/she is interested in entertainment also.

Some important ways to know your blog audience is by:

  • Letting them know more about you
  • Say more about yourself in your blog post
  • Interact with them by letting them have ways to contact you at any time
  • Make sure you appeal to your audience to comment in the comment section below

With these few ways which I have just given, your audience or upcoming audience will love you and bookmark your blog URL to always get back to you.

2. Have a very captivative headline:

Writing your blog post deals with making your headline or the topic of your blog post captivating to your audience. Let me give an example:

Topic 1: “How to train your dog”

Topic 2: “How to train your dog which makes your dog love you”

Now, look at those two types above here. Imagine to yourself which is better. You should know that the ‘topic 2’ is the better so make sure you blog headline describes the good thing you are about writing in your blog post.

According to Ryan Robinson statistics, reports shows that 6 out of 10 people reads a blog headline before sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram groups and lots more.

3. Use power words

Using powerwords increases your CTR (Click to Rate) and it also boosts your conversion. Am very sure you would have wondered at times why your competitors have more clicks than you and you will be questioning yourself like what good have others done that I have not done and lots more. Well, one of the reason why it’s like that is because you are not making use of powerwords. What is Powerwords? It can simply mean strong words that marketers use to trigger a psychological and emotional response. Powerwords can be simply called powerwords because they allow someone to take actions.

4. Use numbers in your articles

Using numbers in the headlines of your articles sounds some things to your audience like:

  • This content is an up to date content

Using numbers in your content also helps you to rank high on search engines and finally it sounds something about your content to them and they wish to know more where by it leads them to click to your site.

5. Get your readers attention from the start:

Now, you might ask yourself how you can get the attention of your readers. Let’s take for example: If you are asked to live inside a house which is very beautiful or a house that looks abandoned for years, which will you like it to live in?

Am sure you’ve understand what I mean now by getting your readers attention from the start.

6. Make your blog design ‘WOW’.

See, if your blog have the best theme, anyone who visits your blog will surely get back there. Let your blog have the most captivating and beautiful theme. Today, I have some blogs in my browser tabs which are of no use to me but I love the theme of the blog. Now am sure you understand

In conclusion

Let me recap some things. If you want to have a good blog post, make sure you use numbers in your headline, use powerwords, use table of contents (it is not listed but make sure you use table of contents). Table of contents helps your work to be very neat. Without the table of content, your work might not be neat because you might not bold a sub heading without knowing. But using the table of content, it solves all that.

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