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Plugin simply helps you add great features and functionality to your blog without having to write any code. Are you looking for the best wordpress plugins to make your website outstanding, then use the following plugins on this my article. But please know that some of this plugins are not free while some are free. They are free and premium plugins.

1. Monsterinsights (FREE)

This plugin is one of the best Google Analytics plugin for most wordpress blogs. This plugin can be used to connect your blog with Google Analytics with just one click. It also allows you to monitor your blog traffic and some other important statistics just within your wordpress dashboard.

You need monsterinsights because you just need it to understand your audience and get better blog post ideas and also making money from other blogs. Install monsterinsights and grow your blog.

2. Seedprod (PAID)

This is a plugin which helps you work on your site privately. In this situation, visitors won’t see your work all they will see is COMING SOON OR MAINTENANCE MODE PAGE. 



One very good feature of Seedprod is that it starts ranking early. You’ll get a jump start on search engine rankings by having your site live while you work on it. Google itself advises you to use a COMING SOON PAGE for every new sites so this plugin is a must have plugin.

3. Updraft Plus

Imagine how you will feel if you loose your website maybe due to it being hacked or your server crashes or even website malfunctioning. But Updraft plus has quenched all this because they help you back up your website which is very important.

Some features of Updraftplus are:

  • Cloud storage: It stores your backups in a cloud service such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Email or your Google Drive.
  • It helps you restore your website with one click after backing up

4. Jetpack by WordPress (PAID AND FREE)

This is a plugin specially owned by WordPress. It shows related blog posts or articles and it is also Search Engine Friendly.

5. Rankmath (FREE)

Rankmath is a plugin best for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Though so many bloggers use Yoast SEO but the latest and best SEO plugin now is Rankmath.

6. Socialsnap: (PAID)

Social snap is one of the best plugin for sharing your social media posts. Socialsnap is very good because:

  • It gives you a guarantee to lots more traffic
  • It has most of the social media sharing button right there
  • Anyone can share your article to all social media platforms

It price starts from $27 per year. Just imagine you getting a lot of traffic with social media for just $27. Use socialsnap plugin now. rk

7. Sucuri (PAID)


Sucuri is ranked one of the best WordPress security plugin. It helps protect your blog or website from Malware threats, DDoS, and so many other types of attacks.

As a newbie blogger like you, you might think securing your site isn’t needed because hackers can’t think of hacking your site. Hmm, no, hackers can think of hacking any website and you can use SUCURI to stop that because it’s features are:

  • Effective security hardening
  • Removes your blog from backlists
  • Automatically removes malware from your blog

8. Insert header and footer plugin

This plugin is very good to use and it’s totally free. Sometimes you’ll need to add or insert code into your site header, body or footer section for things like Google Analytics code, Google adsense code and many more. All you need to do is insert the code and the plugin does the rest for you. You can put in the HTML code, Java Script or CSS code with this plugin.


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