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Disclosure: Please note that some of our affiliate links are in these content and we appeal to you to use them because we may earn a commission from it and that’s what makes us keep running this blog today free of charge. Thanks for your understanding.

Firstly, blogging is not an easy thing to do but blogging helps you to make lot and tons of money. But you want to start a blog but you don’t know the right hosting plans to choose. I’ll highlight the best 15 hosting plans for 2020.

I advice you to use them because they are the best and they are very affordable. When I mean best, what do we mean?

It means they have good servers, performers. uptime, customers support and many more.

Disclosure: Please we appeal to you to use our links to choose your preferred hosting plan. If you use our links, we earn a little commission and that’s what helps us remain in this business.

Why you need a good load time for your blog?: It’s adviceable to have a good load time for your blog because that’s what your customers want. Imagine it to yourself, if you visit a blog online and it’s load time is up to 20 seconds with you having a very good internet connection. You will surely back out of that site. Now, you can use pingdom to check your website/blog load time.


1. Bluehost

No doubt about it. Bluehost is the best web hosting service you can ever have. Why? Ask any blogger or any internet expert about the best web hosting service, he/she will always recommend bluehost. Bluehost truly offers some of the best web hosting plans for bloggers when it comes to features and affordability.
Bluehost has been in existence since 1996.


Based on so many tests performed by me, bluehost comes out as one of the best and top contenders as far as site performance goes. Bluehost has a lot time range between 0.046 seconds to 3.43 seconds depending on your location around the world.

It is a sure thing that your website will surely load fast when you use bluehost.


Bluehost has an average of 99.99% uptime.


If you need help like technical issues on your hosting plan or wordpress challenges? Bluehost would never dissapoint you instead they offer 24/7, I mean if you contact them in the midnight, they reply you instantly. They support you via phone, email and livechat.



  • They host over two million sites worldwide
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Includes several security features e.g: IPs, Sitelock protection, SSL and lots more
  • Allows 30 days money back guarantee
  • Offers wide range of web hosting options
  • Provides integrated cloudflare support
  • Free anti spam solution in the cPanel


  • You must do your own daily backups for full security
  • Charges a fee to have your site migrated from their hosting company to another or from another to Bluehost



2. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one of the best hosting plan on the internet. It has been in existence since 1996 up till date and it is yet to be. Currently, dreamhost is hosting over 1.5 million wordpress websites or blogs on the internet. I recommend Bluehost as one of the best web hosting worldwide you can ever have. Do you know that bluehost is one of the web hosting recommended by the makers of wordpress themselves? This alone helps you believe that bluehost is one of the best.

Performance of Dreamhost

A reason why Dreamhost has become one of the best hosting services is their very good and outstanding performance. Dreamhost has an impressive load time of 0.719 seconds (that is not up to a second) and strong server response times. With dreamhost, your visitors have a great experience on your blog. One other good thing dreamhost has is you can emplpy some of their free wordpress plugins to speed up your load time.

Uptime of Dreamhost

Dreamhost knows that every second where by your blog is offiline, it can affect your income and traffic. That;s why they guarantee you 100 % uptime. This is quite unique in the web hosting world. Bluehost also promises to compensate customers for any downtime in their website.

So therefore, in uptime, dreamhost is the best.

Customer support

Dreamhost doesn’t have a poor customer support. They have partially good customer support but not actually like other web hosting companies online.


  • Above average speed (648ms)
  • 97 days money back guarantee
  • Above average uptime
  • Among the cheapest hosting plans
  • Friendly support


  • Limited live chart support
  • No cPanel
  • Paid Migrations


Dreamhost pricing starts at $2.95 per month.


3. Hostinger

Hostinger is a very good web hosting because it’s one of the cheapest web hosting plan. It’s affordable and very good to use. Hostinger majorly gives you high speed web hosting for a very competitive price. Hostinger has been around since 2004 and they claim to host over 29 million websites in 178 countries.

Performance of Hostinger

Hostinger has a good and fast load time for their web hosting plans. Their average load time is 0.369 which is well above many other web hosting companies. Hostinger also provides a strong server response time making their overall performance very competing.

Uptime of Hostinger

Hostinger has a uptime of 99.91% which is far over average. This alone makes you know hostinger is the right plan.

Customer support for Hostinger

One of their weak areas is they don’t offer phone support. So many bloggers prefer to use or do quick calls than text messaging. Another thing which is weak about hostinger is you must sign up before you can communicate with their customer care live.


Pros/ features

  • Very fast
  • 99.9% load time
  • Excellent current dashboard
  • Free domain
  • Responsive support
  • Faster loading with it’s own cache manager
  • Owns zyro web builder


  • Lack of daily backup
  • No free SSL

Hostinger plans are only shared hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting.




Greengeeks is a small web hosting company with them hosting over 300,000 websites/ blogs. Greengeeks has been in existence since the year 2006. Their claim to fame is their massive effort to provide only eco friendly web hosting plans to their customers.

Greengeeks might offer an eco friendly web hosting but they are also able to provide competitive features that all great hosting companies invest in.


One thing that greengeeks prioritizes is performance. The company integrates new technologies that make sure they provide faster load times on all their hosting plans to their customers or consumers.

According to research, they were the first company to invest in adding the newest PHP 7 protocol. Greengeeks load time ranges from 452 seconds to 9 seconds according to our testing. Greengeeks also have multiple data centers that you can choose from with any of their hosting plans.


Greengeeks uptime is somehow the same with Bluehost. It has a 99.9% uptime. It is ranked among the very highest web hosting companies.

Customer support

Greengeeks has variety of ways you could contact them for support. I personally recommend web hosting companies who support you when you contact them. You can contact greengeeks by opening a ticket, by using live chat, calling, or using email for support questions.


Greengeeks prices ranges from $2.95 to $11.95. This is a very cheap web hosting plan for you which you can choose. It is very affordable and they offer good services


  • Free SSL certificate and Cloudflare CDN
  • Nightly automatic backups
  • Free site migration service
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Very fast server (using built in caching, HTTP/2, SSD, PHP7 and many more)


  • Their pricing seems misleading (though they  are cheap)
  • Setup and domain fees can’t be refunded



5. Hostpapa

Hostpapa is an independently owned web hosting company in which they are based in Canada. Though, while they are relatively small companies compared to other web hosting companies, they offer a very good and transparent service. Hostpapa were in existence since 2006. Hostpapa hosts over 200,000 websites and blogs.

Also like Greengeeks, Hostpapa focuses on providing eco friendly hosting plans for their customers as their plans are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Hostpapa shared this “We promote the developement and use of wind and solar energy resources by purchasing green energy certificates to offset all the power we use in our data centers and offices by putting equivalent clean energy back into the grid. We effectively reduce our carbon footprint and support renewable energy initiatives”.

Performance of Hostpapa

Hostpapa has a loadtime of 759 seconds and lesser. The highest load time of hostpapa is 759 seconds.

Uptime of Hostpapa

Hostpapa offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee which makes and ranks them one of the best web hosting companies.

Customer support of Hostpapa

Hostpapa offers a 30 minutes one on one call to their customers. They also offer email support to their customers.


Their pricing starts from $3.95 monthly to $12.95 monthly.


  • Transparency in pricing
  • Customer support
  • 100% transparency
  • All hosting services
  • Speed and performance


  • No fully good service





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