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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. SEO makes it very easy for you to double your traffic on your website. It also makes you to double your Affiliate sales and lots more. Now in this guide, I’ll be revealing to you the way SEO can be used to double your traffic and increase traffic to your blog.

Now, let’s get into it

As I said earlier SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it can be used to increase your site traffic. Your blog needs SEO. When you start a blog, you need this to boost your blog to the top pages of Google and other Search Engines Now, when we talk about Search Engine Optimization it means what we can do to rank our site to be No 1 on Search engines and we have several types of Search Engines which are:

  • Google: Google is the No 1 most used Search Engines in the world
  • YouTube: YouTube is No 2 most used Search Engines in the world
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • And lots more

Now, according to some statistics, 90% of Searches are done on Google. So then, we’ll be focused on Google Search Engines today.

In the world of SEO, one major thing you should know is that results are not immediate or quick. Results take time before you’ll start seeing results.

What is SEO?

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your web pages and content so your site will be easily discoverable by users of the Search Engine searching for terms relating to your content. It’s also the process of making web pages very easy for Search Engines indexing software which is popularly known as Crawlers to find and index your website or blog.

In the blogging world of today, so many new bloggers feel SEO is something hard or difficult to do unlike in the past days. Well, that’s true but it’s not as hard as you think if you follow the right steps which will all be in this guide.

Some question which you as a new blogger who learnt how to blog will ask your self on SEO can be:

  • How does this thing works?
  • Is it free to rank No 1 on Google or search engines?
  • How long will it take to do this because it was said that optimizing your site takes a lot of time?
  • What are the types of SEO?
  • Once I start this thing, which area will I concentrate on?

Now, all this questions, i’ll answer most of them today.

One major step you should carry as a new blogger doing SEO is first submit your site to Google Search Console. Yeah, some of you might have not heard of it but Search Console is kind of very popular. Google Search Console explains everything that is going on with your site and how it ranks. Do not ever expect your site to rank on Google talkless of ranking No 1 on Google without submitting your site for indexing on Google Search Console. Search Console is a free tool which can be used to rank on Google. Fortunately, there are lots of tools which can be used to rank on Google (will still explain that as we move on).

Why you should care about SEO in your site

SEO should be seriously taken care of by you because most people used the Google Search Engines a lot and your site needs to be there. Some new bloggers and even old bloggers do depend on getting traffic on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and lots more but the problem about using social media is it’s hard to find your target audience except you understand how to make ads.

For example: If you are into a fashion blog, it’s kind of difficult in some sense to get your those interested in fashion  only on social meida but when your blog is found on SERPs. SERPs simply means Search Engine Result Pages simply means the pages that Google Search Engines show in response to a user search query.

SEO and who it is concerned with

SEO means optimizing your search content so it will be No 1 on Search Engines. It is concerned with only three people things which are:

  • The Search Engine: The search engines are things like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Yandex and lots more. The searchers (like you and others) go to this search engines to find what ever they want or they are looking to get and then, the searcher sees whatever he wants to get on the search engine. For example: See the image below.

how to succeed online

Now, in the screenshot above here, I searched for how to succeed online and then see what it brought out. That’s just it. So many bloggers want their site to be No 1 on Search Engines. So that’s the search engine part

  • The Searcher: Now, the searcher goes ahead to a search engine and then he/she search whatever he/she wants and get an information. For those who do Affiliate Marketing, doing SEO is the best because you will get your targeted audience.
  • And you: Here comes you. You are the blogger who wants SEO and then you must make use of the search engine to create good content at times and you also

Steps to follow to do SEO

Doing SEO can be easy for some and hard for some. But I explain SEO as a strategic thing to do. Now to succeed in SEO, you need to follow these steps which are:

1. Use few keyword

In a statement of Backlinko on his YouTube video on SEO, he taught that you should find just three keywords. What does this mean?. Using a lot of keywords isn’t needed but using few keywords is the best and wiser step to rank No 1 on Search Engines.

Now what are keywords?

Keywords are short word or phrases which represents search queries that individuals or blog audiences use in search engines like Google, YouTube and lots more search engines. Bloggers or website owners like you use this keywords for their content creation on their blogs. They also and majorly use this keywords to optimize their webpages. When your contents are well organized and clean with good images and keywords and some more, there is a better chance of you seeing your site or blog on top of search engines.

Why are Keywords important? Keywords are important simply because it gives or communicate with Search Engines. It makes the Search Engines know that this is what your content is talking about.

Types of Keywords

We majorly have the long tail keyword and the Short tail keyword.

* Long tail Keywords

Long tail keywords consists of keywords that consists of three or more words. Long tail keywords can be gotten on tools like Answer The Public or the end of a SERPs.

Check out what I mean in the image below.

why am I not serious

In the image, I searched on Google for “Why am I not serious” and see the long tail keywords.

Usefulness of Keywords

Keyword is very useful in many basis.

  •  It helps to get content in front of the right people at the right time
  • It improves search engine rankings by helping Google understand the webpage content
  •  It increases conversions by helping consumers find you and not your competitors
  • It helps you create useful content for the target audience
  • It helps your audience increase their time on your site by directing more traffic to your site
  • It helps you communicate with Google that a webpage is a match for a query

* Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords is a phrase that contains nothing more than two to three words. Examples of Short tail keywords are:

  • SEO tools
  • Good phones
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

And more.

2. Create full, long or in-depth content

What do I mean by this? This means in writing content for your blog, you need to write posts that will really move your audience. You need to write posts that are captivating. Let your blog post be good to the extent that your viewers would just love to scroll down your post and read it well. Make it clean. When writing a content on your blog, you need to make sure in most cases, you write over 2,000 words. This is majorly what Google wants. But writing content reaching over 5,000 words and more is a waste of time. It’s advisable to write content from the range of 1.500 words to 3,000 words.

A big example of writing good content is Neilpatel. Neilpatel explained how he started from 500 words to 1000 words and how his traffic was increasing as he was adding more to this content.

3. Use keywords

Keywords are long or short word or phrases that fixed in your web content which makes it possible for google searchers to find your content via search engines. Keywords is different from few key words. In the first step to follow to do SEO, I mentioned Use few keywords and here is used keywords. Now, to rank on Google, you need to use keywords and not just keywords but use keywords that your competitors use to rank No 1. And to get this keywords, you can use some tools like Answer The Public, SEMrush, Ahrefs.

Where can keywords be placed

This is a part where so many bloggers do not know. Keywords can be placed in:

  • The first 100 words of your page
  • The last 100 words of your page
  • In your title tag
  • In an H1,H2,H3 tag
  • In an image Alt text
  • In an SEO plugin (majorly for WordPress users)


4. Make your content design “WOW”:

Yeah. This is a must. If you look at this content from the beginning or some of our other best contents, we have good contents with images that tally with our blog post.

5. Build a lot of backlinks

What are Backlinks?Backlinks simply means when an external website links to your site. Some people ask one particular question about backlinks that if an app owner links to my site, is it a backlink? Well, no it’s not. Linking to an external site is different from linking to an external website (copy that). One of the thing that Google uses to rank your site is backlinks. Backlinks are very important. Your site linking to another website makes Google to trust you the more and rank your blog content high.

How to do backlinks

I’ll just be making a little briefing on this and in some other of our blog post, i’ll be breaking it down well for you. To do backlinks, you need to:

  • Write long and in-depth content: As I do in this blog, I write contents that are different from others. I don’t use the same that bloggers use but I have my own blog strategies and styles here.
  • When done with writing in-depth blog post, send emails: Send emails to your competitors. Try to know what they don’t have but you have in your blog post and then send them an email stating the things you see in you have in your website but they don’t have.

Benefits of Backlinks

  • It helps in increasing your traffic
  • It helps you to rank high
  • It gives Google an extent to trust you
  • Ranking high is no longer a problem for you once you write good content

6. Make use of unique and in-depth images

You shouldn’t just put in images that doesn’t mean anything to your blog post. Fix in images that tally with what you are explaining in your blog post otherwise don’t put in images at all. You can just try finding one image and insert it into your blog post. Why shouldn’t I insert images if they aren’t useful? This question might look weird but it’s what bloggers want to know because they ear from experts that in their blog content, they should put lot of images then they go ahead putting unmeaningful images. Now know this, if you don’t have meaningful images to put in your blog content, better you just put in one and end it there. Though, it helps design your blog post which helps rank higher.

7. Make sure your site loads fast

If your site doesn’t load fast, it makes Google down rank your blog post and it also decrease your traffic.

In conclusion

SEO matters in your site a lot. In coming blog topics from this site, we’ll give you more tips on SEO that will make you rank high on Google. And you should know that doing SEO takes time to do on your blog but it gives good results. What are your challenges on doing SEO? Please comment your answers below I’ll reply you all with in-depth answers.


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