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SEO tools is neccessary for your blog. Not just necessary but very necessary. In this article today, i’ll be breaking down SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools in their categories and types to have a successful blog. Let me briefly explain SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing your web pages and content so that your site will be easily discoverable by users of the search engine searching for terms relating to your content.

SEO is needed to boost your site content so it will rank No 1 on Search Engines. We have several types of search engines like:

  • Google
  • Yandex
  • YouTube
  • Bing
  • And many more

SEO tools are broken down into many areas like:

  • Keyword research tools
  • Link building tools
  • On-Page SEO tools
  • Analytics tools
  • Ranking tracking tools
  • And many more

If you are ready, let’s get started


You might see paid tools at the side of this tools but they surely have their free plan. So any one of these tools that you had love to use, click on them and check them out.

Link Building tools

Link building also known as building backlinks is the process where by an external website links to your own website. For example: If Mr A write a blog post on how to start a blog and Mr B also write a blog post on how to start a blog but Mr B’s content is better than Mr A’s content, Mr B can contact Mr A telling him the things he has in his blog post and why he should link his blog post to Mr A’s site or Mr A can just see Mr B’s blog post and then embed it in his content (if you understand that, that’s the meaning of Link Building).

1. Ahrefs backlink checker (paid tool)

Ahrefs backlink checker is kind of a free and paid tool. This tool shows the first 100 backlinks to any web page. It also shows the five most linked pages, most common anchor texts, total number of backlinks and referring domains. Ahrefs is a very good tool to use and you need to use it to track  or see those linking to your web page.


2.   (paid tool)

Linkody is another backlink tool. It is one of the cheapest link building tools right now on the internet. Linkody analyzes your backlinks and audit your site better than most other tools. They also have a free 30 day trial. Linkody is a very good tool for your blog and it has so many features.

3. Buzzsumo (paid tool)

Buzzsumo is another very good tool for building backlinks. Buzzsumo is a tool that makes it easy for people to create content that bloggers want to link to. It is used also to check those your competitors that linked to your site



Keyword research tools

1. Answer The Public   (paid tool)

Answer The Public is a very good tool which gives you over 120 keywords and more only on it’s free plan. This tool helps mostly gives you long tail keyword and Long tail keyword helps you to rank well on Google. Answer the public reveals to you the question people are asking from Search Engines. It is also useful for generating your blog topic ideas.

2. Ahrefs (paid tool)

Ahrefs is also a keyword research tool. As it has so many benefits. Ahrefs simply is an All in one SEO tool that helps your blog in different areas. The keyword research tool is such good to the extent that it helps you to perform keyword research on:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Yandex
  • Amazon
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • And some more

3. Google Keyword Planner   (Free tool)

Google keyword planner is a free research tool. It is used to generate keyword ideas from a URL or your competitors blog. This Google keyword planner tool is a tool meant for only Google Search Engine alone.-

On-Page SEO tools

1. SEO crawler

SEOcrawler is a tool that so many bloggers use to optimize their chosen keywords. This tool Site Auditor allows you to analyze your web content with just a single click which will show you your

  • Page speed
  • Duplicate tags
  • Keyword optimization
  • Broken links
  • Duplicate content
  • And lots more

The benefit of this tool is it audits your site and helps you in your on-page SEO. This tool helps you save time because instead of doing the manual side of the benefits of it’s features, this tool helps you to do it all in few minutes.

2. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a tool that you need to have. This tool free subscription alone helps you to crawl over 500 URLs per run to find a wide array of technical SEO glitches. The tool crawls somehow like how Google crawler crawls. Now this technical SEO On-Page tool covers or checks the following:

  • Broken links
  • Canonical errors
  • Title Tag
  • Headings
  • Meta description
  • Image Alt Text
  • And many more

3. Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress (paid)

Yoast SEO plugin is actually one of the best free WordPress SEO plugin. Though YOAST has a free and paid plan. When using the free version of this plugin, you can just rank for only one keyword. This plugin also provides you with a list of recommendations to optimize your content on your blog with your focus keyword. Yoast SEO plugin helps you to rank with keywords and some other things.

In coming times, i’ll be reviewing the Yoast SEO plugin

4. RankMath SEO plugin for WordPress (free)

RankMath is a completely free tool that helps you rank on Search Engines with keywords. RankMath helps you in doing

  • LSI Keywords suggestion
  • Redirection management
  • On-Page SEO
  • Schema Markup
  • And lots more

One good thing about this plugin is if maybe you have been using Yoast plugin and you want to switch to RankMath, they offer a one-click functionality import from Yoast which means that when moving to RankMath, you aren’t going to loose any of your ranking on Google.

Ranking tracking tools

1. SEMrush (paid)

SEMrush rank tracking tool

SEMrush is a very good tool. It’s an All in one SEO tool. SEMrush is one of the best ranking tools. It even offers more than just  ranking. It also shows the position of where you’re ranking in Search Engines. This tool also helps you to find your local competitors and group tour keyword with tags.

2. Ahrefs (paid)

Ahrefs rank tracker

Ahrefs is another very good tool to improving your website Search Engine Optimization. Out of it tons of tools, it has a ranking tool which helps you to monitor your rankings from time to time. Ahrefs can be a very good tool as it doesn’t only have ranking tools but many other tools for your SEO.

3. THE HOTH (paid tool)

THE HOTH ranking tool

The HOTH is another very good ranking tool for bloggers. HOTH helps you find your top ranking keywords by just inserting your domain name. The HOTH is a free tool but it has a paid plan which helps you to see your rank tracking updates better. HOTH is a very good ranking tool to use.

In conclusion

All these tools which have been analyzed today are simply the tools bloggers use to rank on search engines and they are the best tools. SEO is undone if you don’t use tools under categories like:

  • Keyword researching
  • On-Page SEO
  • And some more

If you know more tools which you have tested on any category of SEO, you can mention them in the comment section below and also share your views in the comment section. And also note that as we see new tools which are good and useful for bloggers, it will be inserted on this post.

Do not forget that it’s one thing to know or say something and it’s another thing to implement what you know.

Wish you all success in your blog.


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