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To be a blogger is kind of easy in some sense but to beginners like you, it can be a little bit difficult. I must say that when I started blogging, it seemed difficult for me but now I can see it easy in some sense but you must know that it has it’s difficult part too.

Now, in this article of today I’ll be sharing a lot of tools which you need to use as a beginner, intermediate or expert in blogging. After you learn how to start a blog, then this is for you. If you want to be a blogger, you need to know that:

  • You must know your niche first before thinking of blogging
  • You must have money to sustain your project till the time you start making money
  • You should not be thinking of making money at the beginning of you blogging
  • You should be determined and say no to some frustrations which must/will come your way in your blogging journey

After you are ready to follow the steps above then you can use the tools listed below to become a successful blogger.

DISCLOSURE: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I appeal to you to use them. It is at no additional cost to you. I’ll earn a commission if you use them and purchase a product. At this stage, note that any product I recommend to you is a product which I use or I have done lots of investigation from other bloggers and on search engines before I recommend them. When you use my affiliate links and purchase a product, the company compensates me and that helps me to keep running this blog free of charge for everyone.

Now, the tools which you as a blogger need to start your successful blog is:

1.Namecheap web hosting:

Namecheap is one among the hosting plan you can use to start your blog. I use Namecheap. For you to start your blog, you need a web hosting plan which will host your blog. A very good web hosting plan which you can use is Namecheap, bluehost, or dreamhost. These are the major and recommended hosting plans for beginners and even beyond beginners. These three web hosting plans can be used by beginners, intermediate or experts. You can check more about this three web hosting plans here. Your hosting plan is where:

  • Your website is hosted
  • Your website files are stored
  • Your website server is located

Now, in the point of purchasing your hosting plan, purchase a domain also. These three web hosting plans give free domain at times depending on the right plan you purchase.

Click here to see more about Namecheap

2. Google analytics

Since 2005, Google analytics has been a free web analytics tool owned by google which helps to analyze and track their website traffic. Google analytics has so many features which helps you to know all what is going on in your blog.

This are the tools for now, i’ll be giving more on this very very soon.

3. Trello

Trello is a free tool and it is a tool all bloggers must use. Signing up on trello is very easy and free. It helps you as a blogger to

  • create projects
  • assigning team members to specific task
  • tracking the progress of a work.

When you as a blogger want to create a new blog post, all you just do is create a new card on this free blogging tool and assign the right team to get started. If it suits you, you can make a team.trello

After you sign up for trello, then that’s what you’ll see above

4. SEMrush

SEMrush is a very good tool for upcoming bloggers and bloggers who are already into the business. You can take the planning of your blog to the next level with this tool. The SEMrush tool is a tool for Keyword research, Site Auditing, Traffic analysis, Keyword rank tracking. With this tool, you will surely get long tail keywords that gives you the chance of ranking higher and being No 1 on Google search engines. This tool can even be used to advance your search engine marketing efforts and outrank your own competitors on SERPs (Search Engines Results Pages). It allows you to discover the keywords that your competitors use to rank No 1 Google.



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