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how to pick a successful niche for your blog

Picking a niche is paramount if you want to start a blog. You might love the idea of starting a blog but choosing your niche I say is the hardest part of starting a blog. If you are frustrated or thinking deeply of choosing a niche but you don’t really know what to choose, let me tell you it’s not only you. I had this big problem before I started this blog. I have started several blog which I closed before I started this one which I was determined. I started my journey in blogging early this year and today I think I am achieving something.

You might have a lot of ideas in your mind but you don’t know how or what step to take to successful make your blog outstanding. But say bye to thinking all the time to choose a niche because this article will  really help you in choosing a niche.

What you will learn in this article is:


One thing you should know is blogging is serious business. I got to know before I started blogging that you must have to publish at least 20 articles on your blog with at least over 1000+ words before you can get approval from google adsense and start making your money.


To get a successful niche for your blog, you need to ask your self these questions:

Why do I need to blog?

Firstly, blogging is the process of sharing your thoughts and ideas the the world. The world, I mean to your blog visitors. In blogging, it’s adviceable that the niche you pick, you should use it and don’t leak into many other niche but face your niche.

Things that help you become a successful blogger is:

  • Follow your niche
  • Be determined
  • Strive to succeed
  • Be disciplined
  • Know that you can’t start making money immediately in blogging
  • Make sure you have another source of making money to support your self and blog

When you follow all this things then you can become a successful blogger.

What is even a blog niche?

A blog niche simply means a specific type of topic you write about on your blog. One secret I’ll let you know today is now that you have simply known the meaning of a niche, picking your blog niche should be based on what you know about the most. Do not pick what you don’t really know of or else am sorry to say that your blog can’t succeed, that’s if you pick what you don’t know of.

After you pick a blog niche, what’s next?

After picking a blog niche, you need to imagine how your blog will look like by mapping out your schedules. Map out the topics which you want to be writing about on your blog. Detail it all down. You also need to have your book for blogging.

Now, after knowing your niche, it is time to start blogging and make sure you write good contents that your viewers would want to read and participate in.

60 blog niches you can participate in

Here are 60 blog niches you can participate in:

  1. Travel
  2. Freelancing
  3. Body weight fitness
  4. Investing
  5. Cryptocurrency
  6. Designs
  7. Video games
  8. Writing
  9. Self publishing
  10. Fishing
  11. Boating
  12. Weightlifting
  13. About your town
  14. Software development
  15. App development
  16. Social media
  17. eCommerce
  18. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  19. Yoga
  20. Entertainment
  21. Politics
  22. All round sports
  23. Photography
  24. Cooking tips
  25. Recipes
  26. Dating
  27. Divorce
  28. YouTube
  29. Education
  30. Educational news
  31. WIne
  32. Liquor
  33. Medication
  34. Babies
  35. Movies
  36. Couponing
  37. Physical sports
  38. Drawing
  39. Online business
  40. Music
  41. Sports
  42. Makeup
  43. Fashion
  44. Massage
  45. Blogging
  46. Solar
  47. Coding
  48. Pets
  49. Budgeting
  50. Baking
  51. Investing
  52. Personal style
  53.  Motivation
  54. Skills
  55. Religion
  56. Stories
  57. WordPress
  58. Films
  59. Motivating
  60. And what comes to your mind



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