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Some bloggers seems to not get the right way of making money but here is an alternative for bloggers majorly. If you are a blogger an you are not earning through adverts, affiliate marketing and some other sources of making money, then this is for you. Make sure you read this article well because I am going to introduce to you here how to make money with

Little introduction about flyout was founded and launched in the year 2019 and it was owned by Rankz. But now Rankz and flyout have officially seperated and flyout are working their best to get more publishers and advertisers like you.

What really is Flyout?

Flyout is a simple and big time way to earn money and get lots of traffic by publishing sponsored contents on your blog. This flyout is a platform where you as a blogger can list your blog to accept sponsored post, and advertise other bloggers content on your blog.

How does flyout work?

Flyout is specially designed for advertisers and publishers. Advertisers are those who need their posts or articles to be sponsored on others blog or website while publishers is simply you. If you are a blogger, that means you can simply be a publisher (someone whose job is to post articles on his or her blog).

How flyout works is that when you are done with listing your blog and you are accepted, you will receive a request for sponsored posts which is related to your niche in your email. Now, when you go to your flyout dashboard, there you will find the article which you’ll have to publish in your blog. And that article must be published on your blog within three days.

When you’ve published the article on your blog, then you must provide the link of the published article on your flyout dashboard.

After that is being done, then you will receive your payment to your bank. They pay from 8th to 15th of every month.

How to sign up for


To get started and sign up for flyout, you need to first click here to visit their site., after using my link to go to their site, then what is next is to sign up now as seen in the image above here. After that, you will see this in the image below


Now as you see in the image above here, you will be asked to:

1. Check eligibility: Here is where you’ll enter your blog url as seen in the picture above.

2. Verify ownership: Here is where you’ll verify your blog by putting flyout’s code in the header section of your blog

3. Blog details: Here, you’ll describe your blog and select the category in which your blog falls in.

4. Create your account: Now, you are done. Create your account and wait for your blog to get approved

How to verify your blog

This actually is a problem for some people (bloggers), but now it comes to an end. If you want to verify your blog, you’ll need to add a meta tag to the <head> tag of your blog’s homepage. If you want to insert this into your wordpress blog, all you need to do is install the header and footer plugin here and that’s all. Then insert your meta tag code.

Things you need to be Eligible of before flyout can approve your blog

There are many things needed which you blog needs to have or be eligible of which are:

  • Your blog should have an organic traffic of at least 10,000
  • Your blog should be at lease six months old
  • Your blog should have at least 100 unique and high quality articles
  • Your blog should be well designed
  • Your blog should have the Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy page.

If you blog is among these niches below, it can’t be approved. The niches are:

  • Gambling/casino
  • Coupon codes/deals
  • Adult content
  • Jobs
  • Cannabis
  • Dating
  • Guns
  • Any type of tools
  • Celeb niche
  • Blogs which contain download contents like films, music, apps, games and lots more
  • Blogs which allows other bloggers or any to create articles and they get paid like OperaNewsHub are restricted
  • Blogs which are hosted on even though your blog has a custom domain

In conclusion

If you are kind of fed up with google adsense and other ad networks, i feel is the best alternative for you. Iff you find this article good, thank me by sharing my articles and bookmark this blog.


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