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affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another good way of making lots of money online and it’s kind of easy. Hey there, in this guide, am going to guide you on how to become a successful affiliate marketer and make passive income. If you love to make money online this guide will really help. So, please read it to the end.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the step by step guide on:

  • Starting Affiliate Marketing
  • Promoting your links
  • And lots more

Meaning of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of business whereby I promote my links and then see my earnings increasing all the time right in my affiliate dashboard. Affiliate Marketing simply means the process of promoting services or product of a particular person or company in to your audience in exchange for a fixed amount of commission. (did you get that?).

All you need to do is join an affiliate program or network, look for their products that suits your your niche to promote.

How does affiliate Market work?

This is a question that so many bloggers or newbies can ask. You see, when you sign up for an affiliate program, For example: Bluehost or Namecheap. When you sign up for their affiliate program as a publisher, you’ll be given a link in your dashboard, then that’s the link you’ll promote to your audience. Once your audience uses your link to buy a hosting plan or something else, you earn a commission. (simple right?).

One thing about Affiliate Marketing is your audience. Once your audience trusts you, then you can earn more, that’s why building your audience is paramount in every online business you are doing. This affiliate marketing is the best way to make money without making your own product or services. But in Affiliate Marketing, you must start a blog. There are so many Affiliate Programs out there that you can’t get accepted until you have a personal blog of your own and your audience must be highly impressive.

Hey, if you are reading this, please I’ll advice you to first use my guide to start a blog, then you can come into Affiliate Marketing.

Here is exactly how affiliate marketing goes

  • When you as a publisher or affiliate joins a merchant program, you’ll be given a unique and specific URL that will be used by you to promote the company’s product.
  • You as a publisher will embed your link (depending on the product you are promoting) on your blog content, to your subscribers on your email marketing. Then when promoting this links, you must write about the product, so your readers will understand what it’s meant for.
  • Then now, your audience eventually clicks your provided link in your blog and buys a product. But note that, once someone clicks your link an doesn’t buy a product and then after some weeks or days, he or she buys a product, you will still be credited because a cookie identifying the affiliate link is placed on your particular audience device.
  • When your audience uses your link to buy a product and he completes the purchase, the owner of the product (for example: Bluehost) traces or identifies through whose publishers link is the sale coming from.
  • Once they find out, they credit you (the owner of the Affiliate link). You’ll see the earnings in your dashboard
  • You as an affiliate marketer will see all the reports in your dashboard like Clicks, those who purchases with your link, your earnings and lots more
  • Then the owner of the product transfers the money (to your PayPal account or your payment method) you see in your dashboard.

Now, if you have read that, that’s simply how this Affiliate Program is done. And, Affiliate Marketing is straight forward.

But now, your question how will be how to start this Affiliate Marketing

How to start Affiliate Marketing

Now, if you can understand my guide from the beginning to the end, then you are classified an Affiliate Marketer. I earn from other ways like Freelancing and some more, but if you check this blog well, I earn from only two things which are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Donations

Now, in Affiliate Marketing, you should know that you only earn some commissions in exchange for giving your audiences deep and valuable reviews on the products and services they are thinking about purchasing.

Now, imagine yourself Google searching for example: The Review of Namecheap or the Review of Bluehost. If you click and you start seeing the review, if you are not interested or the review is not informative enough,  you’ll surely back off from that site, but if the review is as informative as possible, am very sure you’ll use their links to purchase.

Now, the same thing goes to you. When you are reviewing a product on your blog or elsewhere, you need to make it as informative as possible and have more clicks and purchases with your links.

You need to help your audience to make a smarter choice with your reviews. Making the review of a particular product as informative, and plan choosing as possible helps to:

  • Add value to your blog
  • Increases your earnings
  • Brings traffic to your site
  • And lots more

1. Pick your niche

Picking your niche is the start of Affiliate Marketing. Now, if you pick a niche you are not good at, you are likely to fumble along the way. Now, let’s take for instance: Back then in school, you had never like all courses but there was a particular course you had liked the most. That same thing goes to Affiliate Marketing. Let’s for instance, you love Fashion, all you need to do is start a blog for Fashion purpose and get so many Affiliate Programs that suite your niche, then implement it. Some examples of niches you can go into are:

  • Fashion niche
  • Educational niche
  • Politics niche
  • News
  • Wrestling
  • Sports
  • Exercise
  • Health
  • And lots more

Check out: How to pick a successful niche for your blog

2. Make sure you choose a product you love, you have used before to promote as Affiliate:

See, one way to succeed in this business is giving your audience the right thing. In this business, one thing you’ll have to do is to invest your time and money. Why is that, so you’ll get the best products for your audience. At times, you might not be using the product you want to promote but you’ll need to make:

  • A lot of research
  • A lot of find outs
  • Ask others about the products
  • Get to know from many sources if the product is simply not a scam

Then you can now promote the products.

Now, this is the common way to start Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate Marketing, you can also choose a product which you have known through a course, an eBook or something else.

Now, if you have used a product, for example: your hosting plan which can be Bluehost, all you need to do to know if they offer an Affiliate Program. How to know if they offer an Affiliate Program is:

  • You can go Google Search Engine and do something like below “Affiliate Program” + Bluehost
  • You can go directly to the website of the product you want to promote and contact them through the company’s email address or any of their contact mode.
  • In the website of the company you want to promote, you can use their search engines

That’s the process. Then after that, if you notice they offer Affiliate Program, then you sign up. The thing is some companies who sell products do not offer Affiliate Program but actually most companies do.

Now, after you have done the process above, you need to know that your audience wants:

  • A product you’ve used and previewed
  • They want a product that offer refund policy
  • Product that offers good customer support
  • A product that you have a life story that is a product you share your experience about
  • A product that suits your audience and won’t spoil the trust your audience has for you.

Now, if you have read this above, simply sign up for the program you choose.

2. Find products through an Affiliate Network

This is another step further in Affiliate Marketing. The Affiliate Network simply means networks like:

  • Clickbank
  • CJ Affiliate
  • eBay Partner
  • Amazon Associates Program
  • ShareaSale
  • Impact Radius
  • And lots more

All these listed above are places where you can find Affiliate products to promote. Using this top 7 I listed to you makes your affiliate journey move well. Now, some merchants at times do not host their affiliate programs on these networks listed above and that can simply be a scam. But once you sign up for an Affiliate Program on these networks, you can simply be rest assured that you are not into a scam.

Now, with this second option, you need to be kind of careful because when you sign up on these networks, you see products that you’ve never used before. Now, this option is kind of expensive because if you are trying to promote a product which you’ve never used, you are either suppose to:

  • Purchase the product and write a review on it
  • Search the whole internet looking for how good the product is
  • Spend time contacting other bloggers on how good the product is

Now, this second method makes Affiliate Marketing kind of difficult because you’ll spend a lot of time and money on this but it is still a very good way to go.

3. Set yourself up as an Affiliate

Now, before promoting products (No 4), you need to set up your self as an Affiliate. If you are working directly with a merchant like Bluehost or an Affiliate Network like CJ Affiliate, you must need to apply first. Now let me let you know something, you can’t just start Affiliate Marketing and get the money just like that. There are so many things you need to activate like:

  • Your blog or website: If you want to become a successful affiliate, your blog must be a very good blog with tons of traffic before you can get it most. Why did I say this? I said it because so many merchants out there won’t accept your request to join their affiliate program if you don’t have a running blog.
  • Experience: What I mean by experience is your knowledge about the product you are offering to your audience. See if you are promoting a product to make money, you need to know more about that product before some kind of success can come in and the reason is because so you won’t mislead your audience

Setting up your self as an Affiliate means getting things done to sign up for an Affiliate Program, getting approved of an Affiliate Program, providing certain information so you get paid.

If you are signing up for an Affiliate Program, you’ll need:

  • Your personal and business information
  • Tax report
  • Your paypal account
  • Your website
  • Bank account where funds would be sent finally by you

Then after you provide that, once you get accepted then your merchant provides you with:

  • An affiliate link which will be right in your dashboard: Whenever you review your merchant product to your audience, you will use this your link which is trackable to promote the product. With this being done, anyone who clicks and purchases with your link, you’ll be paid. And all the clicks and Net Sales would be seen right in your Affiliate dashboard.

An example of your affiliate link can be something like this:

This link does not exist but it’s just to show you how your affiliate link will look like after you’ve signed up.

4. Promote your links

This is actually where so many bloggers have failed. After all the hardwork, spending on money and time reviewing and getting the right products, it will be very bad if no one uses your link to purchase a product. Now, if you are promoting your products and you want it to reach your audience quick, here are some few tips:

  • Get traffic to your site
  • Have a strong social media page
  • Have a YouTube channel
  • And lots more on my articles

Those tips I gave you now is a way to start succeeding in your Affiliate Marketing journey. Without traffic, you can’t get to anywhere in Affiliate Marketing. So, traffic helps you to promote your Affiliate programs. You should also know that your website visitors aren’t enough. You should make sure you continue the search of traffic to your blog and grow extensively because as your traffic increases, so as your Affiliate sales increases. Some few ways to get traffic are:

  • Share with social media friends
  • Do On-Page Seo Optimization
  • Share on groups on social media who allows posting of links

But note one thing. Do not just share links but share links with deep meaning. Describe what you are sharing with some kind of powerwords that can amaze the reader.

Promoting Affiliate products

This can simply be done by

  • Writing product reviews
  • Giving full detailed tutorials on the product (maybe on your YouTube channel)
  • Comparing products
  • Email Marketing

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

We say Affiliate Marketing is very good and it generates a lot of income but here are the good and bad sides of Affiliate Marketing.


1. Little or no investment (of money) to start

So many other businesses requires a lot of investment (of money) to start but affiliate marketing does not. In some cases, Affiliate Marketing does not a website. You can promote products on social media but it’s advisable to get a web hosting plan and start your blog. The only  thing that requires some cost in starting Affiliate Marketing is purchasing a web hosting, starting a blog from scratch, purchasing the product for review.

2. Earnings begin from day 1

As far as you can start promoting your affiliate links and someone purchases with your link, you’ve start making the money from day 1.

3. Easy to make millions of dollars from Affiliate Marketing

In most affiliate programs, they pay nothing less than $40 for one affiliate sale. Isn’t this lovely?. Affiliate Marketing pays well


1. It takes time:

It’s kind of stress using hours writing a single review of a product and finding out more on the product due to the type of product you purchased

2. It requires a lot of determination:

In Affiliate Marketing, you are your own boss. It’s now left for you to determine the time to work and not to work, that’s why it’s advisable to have a Blog Management Schedule.

3. A lot of competition

This is one disadvantage most bloggers face. It’s very hard to promote nowadays because the business has gone viral. But you can still overcome it

4. Some Affiliate Programs don’t support your country while some don’t even offer Affiliate Program:

Siteground is a big example of this. Siteground do not offer Affiliate Programs in Nigeria. So many people are using Siteground but they are not able to promote the tool they are using.

In conclusion

U’ve read it all about this money making business on this article.

But know that the secret of success in Affiliate Marketing isn’t being continuous but hardwork and using the right

Affiliate Marketing Strategies. Another thing which makes one to earn big is when you are getting lots of traffic.

Now, with this my guide, am very sure you already know something good about Affiliate Marketing now, so it’s time to implement your knowledge. There is a saying that Knowing something is far different from doing something. If you have any questions regarding to these article, please reply in the comment section below reasonable things.


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