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Hey there, I’m Richard Omolade. is a site I created to share to everyone on the internet about blogging, making money online, SEO, my blogging journey and many more. All my articles and content here on this blog are totally free for everyone. I post a lot of good rich and helpful contents and they are totally free of charge for you all.

However, I make money from affiliate programs on this blog and from donations from those who love from blog. I have affiliated so many products all on my blog. But note that, I only promote products that:

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So however, I urge you to use my affiliate links here on this blog and I make some commissions from it. I also place adverts on this blog. And I also appeal to you to please donate. If you click my affiliate links and make a purchase, I’ll earn some commissions at no cost to you.

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Thanks for your understanding. Have a wonderful time blogging and making money online